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BDtoAVCHD is a tool that can create an AVCHD disc (BD5/BD9/BD25) or MKV from a Blu-Ray or MKV.

The application can take a Blu-Ray structure or an MKV file and output the folder structure of an AVCHD disc, ready to be burned. Almost all Blu-ray players (including the PS3) support the playback of AVCHD discs.

The application aims to shrink the size of the video down to 4.3GB or just under 8GB in order to fit onto a black DVD or dual-layer DVD. The conversion process will likely take a long time.

Key Features:
  • Finds the main .m2ts file for the movie by just selecting the BDMV folder or Blu-Ray root.
  • Extract all information from the audio tracks, video and subtitles: length, language, format, etc.
  • Extract chapter information or allows to add it.
  • Select default audio track based on the language preferences and most appropriate criteria for the best quality but can also be set manually.
  • Calculates the video bitrate to fill the DVD5 / DVD9 (most of the times gets filled between 99-100%).
  • Converts audio (only if necessary): PCM to AC3, DTS-HD MA to DTS Core, DTS to AC3, etc.
  • Detect delays in the original audio tracks and transfers them to the final job.
  • Recompress the video using x264 64-bit if the computer supports it.
  • Do not use external codecs like avisynth or ffdshow or Haali splitter in the process of video conversion.
  • We can select a forced subtitle track is active by default when playing the disc.
  • Allows to program multiple conversions in the queue and execute them one after another automatically.
  • Multitasking: be can add new jobs in the queue while processing others.
  • Various output sizes: DVD5 / DVD9 / USB 4GB / BD-25 and Custom.
  • Ability to create a BD-25 without re-compressing video (BDRemux).
  • MKV as alternate output: allows to convert Blu-Ray to MKV recoding the video or without recoding (BDremux).
  • 3D ready: from Blu-Ray 3D (MVC) we can get a 3D SBS AVCHD or MKV (side-by-side).

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BDtoAVCHD v2.9.6Tiedoston koko: 26,97 kB


BDtoAVCHD v2.6.8
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Lisätty 31.7.2020
Latauksia 1 443
Tiedoston koko 26,97 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
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Käyttöjärjestelmä(t) Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

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BDtoAVCHD v2.9.6(Viimeisin vakaa versio) 31.7.2020
BDtoAVCHD v2.9.5 12.6.2020
BDtoAVCHD v2.9.3 5.3.2020
BDtoAVCHD v2.9.1 20.12.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.9.0 15.11.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.9 2.10.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.8 25.8.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.7 23.6.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.6 20.3.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.5 28.1.2019
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.4 12.12.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.3 15.11.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.2 20.8.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.1 17.6.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.8.0 12.5.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.8 15.3.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.7 21.2.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.6 7.1.2018
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.5 24.12.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.4 9.8.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.3 19.7.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.1 29.5.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.7.0 27.4.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.9 14.4.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.8 22.2.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.7 3.2.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.6 8.1.2017
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.5 16.12.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.4 3.11.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.2 16.10.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.1 24.9.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.6.0 20.8.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.8 29.7.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.7 6.7.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.6 11.5.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.5 9.4.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.4 25.3.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.3 4.2.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.2 2.1.2016
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.1 28.11.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.5.0 12.11.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.7 22.10.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.6 29.9.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.5 17.8.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.4 1.8.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.3 20.6.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.2 16.5.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.1 2.4.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.4.0 20.3.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.3.3 16.2.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.3.2 17.1.2015
BDtoAVCHD v2.3.1 22.12.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.3.0 21.12.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.2.4 20.11.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.2.3 8.11.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.2.1 5.10.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.2.0 20.9.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.1.7 14.9.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.1.6 29.8.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.1.5 16.5.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.1.4 28.4.2014
BDtoAVCHD v2.0.0 10.1.2014
BDtoAVCHD v1.9.5 29.12.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.9.4 7.12.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.9.2 19.10.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.9.1 8.9.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.9.0 25.8.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.8 22.7.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.7 22.5.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.6 29.4.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.5 4.3.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.3 13.1.2013
BDtoAVCHD v1.8.2 21.12.2012
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