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Muutokset v0.8.8 - v0.8.9

Muutokset v0.8.7 - v0.8.8

Muutokset v0.8.2 - v0.8.3

  • Added: Support for fdkaac (thx to o-l-a-v for binaries)
  • Added: Support for .aiff and .aif files (thx to eahm)
  • Added: Custom output folder structures (thx to NappyHead and eahm)
  • Added: New textboxes, trackbars, etc (some settings are reseted)
  • Added: New progress view layout
  • Fixed: Summary didn't show if custom tags were used
  • Fixed: Some texts couldn't be seen if skins were disabled
  • Updated: AlphaControls full version 8.31 Beta (thx for donations)

Muutokset v0.7.7 - v0.7.8

Muutokset v0.7.3.819 Beta - v0.7.4.872 Beta

Muutokset v0.7.2.784 Beta - v0.7.3.819 Beta

Muutokset v0.5.362 - v0.6.395 Beta

Muutokset v0.3.1.296 Alpha - v0.4.335 Alpha

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