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Muutokset v8.0.9.41 - v8.0.11.46

Muutokset v8.0.3.33 - v8.0.5.66

Muutokset v8.0.2.43 - v8.0.3.33

  • added import from 1Password
  • updated icons in Settings
  • stability improvements and bug fixes

Muutokset v8.0.2.42 - v8.0.2.43

  • fixed crash in the trial dialog

Muutokset v8.0.1.109 - v8.0.2.42

  • fixed crash after start
  • fixed synchronization errors 9107 and 9157
  • fixed problem with duplicated accounts and groups after merge
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced memory footprint

Muutokset v8.0.0.49 - v8.0.1.109

  • Autofill rules can now be updated without reinstalling the application
  • Improved application self-defence
  • Stability and other minor fixes

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