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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle ReGet Junior

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Muutokset v2.2 - v2.3.266 Beta

  • Default .wjr file moved from old location ('Program Files') to the `%USERDATA%`, if it unaccessible to write (recently under Windows Vista)
  • ReGet signed by ReGet Software
  • All languages (except English, Japanese and Russian) removed to separated lang.dll
  • Setup option for install opera integration added.
  • Low-level integration improved and work with IE7.
  • New connections profiles
  • All traffic units changed from b/s to kb/s
  • Default paths for default download location now depend from Windows version.
  • New Windows Installer based setup (only MSI-file is required).
  • New options in initial settings: install icon for "My downloads", install IE integration, install FlashGot.
  • Windows Vista now supported.
  • Online web-page is now used instead of e-mail for ReGet Exceptions submissions.

<<Takaisin ohjelman lataussivulle

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