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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle NirSoft GDIView (64-bit)

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Muutokset v1.17 - v1.20

  • Added 'Run As Administrator' option (Ctrl+F11), which allows you to easily run GDIView as administrator on Windows Vista/7/8/2008.

Muutokset v1.16 - v1.17

  • Fixed bug: When selecting smss.exe with 'Display Handle Extended Information' option turned on, Windows crashed with a blue screen.

Muutokset v1.15 - v1.16

  • Added 'Auto Size Columns+Headers' option, which allows you to automatically resize the columns according to the row values and column headers.
  • Fixed issue: The properties dialog-box and other windows opened in the wrong monitor, on multi-monitors system.

Muutokset v1.10 - v1.15

  • Added 'Put Icon On Tray' option.

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