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Muutokset v9.4 - v9.5

Muutokset v9.3 - v9.4

Muutokset v9.2 - v9.3

Muutokset v9.1 - v9.2

  • * New feature: Add support for JSON grid export
  • * New feature: Add support for Markdown Here grid export
  • * New feature: Support new command line parameter "n", or "nettype", which takes an integer, representing the protocol number (0=mysql tcpip, ...).
  • * New feature: Add support for connecting to Microsoft Azure Servers
  • * New feature: Add edit box + updown buttons for limiting the size of exported INSERT queries in bytes.
  • * New feature: Display creation time, last alter time, comment and start time of scheduled events.
  • * New feature: Online help document available. Various "Help" buttons in relevant dialogs link to this document.
  • * Bugfix: Dropping functions and procedures on PostgreSQL now with required parameters list
  • * Bugfix: Size bars in "Database" tab on PostgreSQL now with correct values
  • * Bugfix: Loading full grid data on PostgreSQL did not work on text columns
  • * Bugfix: Fix microseconds in MSSQL date/time data types, hidden in data and query grids.
  • * Bugfix: Use ISO 8601 date/time format on MSSQL
  • * Bugfix: PostgreSQL: Fix wrong order of columns shown in indexes, and show normal indexes also
  • * Bugfix: Do not uppercase ENUM values in procedure parameter datatypes
  • * Bugfix: Fix crash when right-clicking a database, following by a click on "Drop"
  • * Bugfix: Version conditional disabling for "Create new" menu items in MySQL mode only
  • * Bugfix: TEXT data type has a maximum length of 65k for MySQL only. Introduce other values for MSSQL and PostgreSQL.
  • * Bugfix: Fix memory leak in TfrmTableTools.SaveSettings
  • * Bugfix: Let longer data type matches win over shorter ones, especially important on PostgreSQL
  • * Bugfix: Make TPGConnection.FetchDbObjects compatible to pre-9.0 servers on PostgreSQL
  • * Bugfix: Fix non working addition of new columns in MySQL
  • * Bugfix: Detect xid type (oid 28) as integer.
  • * Bugfix: Detect character type (oid 1042) as char, not varchar.
  • * Bugfix: Detect aclitem[] type (oid 1034) as unknown, not text.
  • * Bugfix: Fix detection of PostgreSQL data type INTERVAL as VARCHAR.
  • * Enhancement: Automatic storing of settings in portable mode
  • * Enhancement: Optimize query for getting total row count on PostgreSQL
  • * Enhancement: Add support for microsecond precision of MSSQL date/time types in table editor, show these in "Length/Set" column
  • * Enhancement: Add a help button to the quite non-intuitive controls on the export dialog
  • * Enhancement: Add support for JSON data type on PostgreSQL
  • * Enhancement: Add support for HIERARCHYID data type on MSSQL
  • * Enhancement: Increase various default values for window dimensions, for reasonable look and feel for new users
  • * Enhancement: Add "Rename" context menu item in session tree.
  • * Enhancement: Use local number formatting in grids by default
  • * Enhancement: Use transparent background for NULL cells by default
  • * Enhancement: Support columns with a string literal as default value plus an ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP clause.
  • * Enhancement: Increase compatibility when getting procedure body on MSSQL.
  • * Enhancement: Remove duplicates from recent file list pulldown.
  • * Enhancement: Translate connected/disconnected words in status bar
  • * Enhancement: Set focus on filter box when SQL help dialog opens.
  • * Enhancement: Update gettext unit
  • * Enhancement: Make search/replace dialog resizable
  • * Enhancement: Activate "Clear filter" button after applying text to filter memo.
  • * Enhancement: Gracefully remove superfluous WHERE keyword from data grid filter, so other places like the previously modified "More filters" menu do not add a second WHERE.
  • * Enhancement: Use existing data grid WHERE filter to filter values from quick filter > "More values".
  • * Enhancement: Remove outdated details in readme file, and redirect to official help page instead.
  • * Enhancement: Detect all array style types on PostgreSQL as unknown type, e.g. TEXT[].
  • * Enhancement: Pass column or argument name to NativeToNamedColumnType(), as a hint for the user.
  • * Enhancement: Support quoted datatypes in TDBConnection.GetDatatypeByName, coming from TDBConnection.ParseTableStructure

Muutokset v8.2 - v8.3

  • This is a maintenance release, fixing a build update problem on Win64, along with various other fixes and the new comment field on the session manager.

Muutokset v8.1 - v8.2

  • New feature: Fast table status for databases with InnoDB tables. (Disable Session > Advanced > [X] Get full table status)
  • New feature: Favorites in database tree
  • New feature: Append parameter names for procedures and functions in completion proposal
  • New feature: Compressed .sql file export
  • Migration to the brand new Delphi XE 5 compiler
  • Replace out-dated code which partly not runs in 64 bit mode
  • Update gettext unit
  • Update Cromis.DirectoryWatch unit
  • Update VirtualTree component code to 5.2.1 (r567)
  • Update SynEdit component (r114)

Muutokset v8.0 - v8.1

  • Make snippets directory customizable. Fixes issue #3276
  • Provide a libmysql.dll from a MariaDB-5.3.12 server, to fix pluggable authentication. Also fixes "malformed packet" on LOAD DATA.
  • Introduce Win7+ jump items on task button. See http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=12385.
  • Introduce the new data option "Local number format"
  • Remove "Run file" dialog, and use a standard Windows IProgressDialog instead when executing a SQL file.
  • Add CHECK option "FOR UPGRADE" to maintenance dialog. Fixes issue #3279.
  • Provide edit box for custom NULL value, in grid export dialog. See http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=13075
  • Support length of "max" in data types. Used in MSSQL.
  • Issue #3212: Add schema support in MSSQL.
  • Add overlay icons for table engines Blackhole and MergeMyISAM.
  • Add preference option and logic for alternating grid row background colors. Fixes issue #2820.
  • Display values in grid columns which the user explicitly sets to be a UNIX timestamp in date/time format. Fixes issue #3215.
  • Append instead of overwrite data grid filter when user has Shift pressed. Fixes issue #865.
  • Issue #3191: Implement a simple search/replace dialog in the popup text editor.

Muutokset v7.0 - v8.0

  • Available in 23 languages now. Thanks to all translators and Transifex hereby!
  • Database tree: Introduce optional folders for tables, views, routines etc.
  • Introduce session folders in session manager.
  • Make routine editor work on MS SQL servers.
  • Support search and replace in data and query results.
  • Add support for microseconds in temporal datatypes of MariaDB 5.3+ and MySQL 5.6.
  • Introduce a query history, available in the right side helpers box. Can be turned off.
  • Implement grid export as PHP array.
  • Host > Variables: Add "Global" column, and highlight values different to their session pendant
  • Add menu item for launching mysql.exe command line with current parameters.
  • Table editor: Fix handling of BIT default values, and support BIT columns in MS SQL.
  • Table editor: Improve selection of ENUM and SET default values
  • User manager: Support dots in database and table privileges
  • Data grids: Support copying/pasting NULL values
  • Fix stripped backslashes in VIEW body editor
  • Apply hotkeys to dialog buttons
  • Grid export: Remove zero padding to avoid octal => integer conversion in PHP
  • Data grid: Propose column names from selected table in filter panel
  • Database and new table filter above database tree
  • Table editor: Display number of selected columns in status bar
  • Database tree: Indicate previously selected tables with a non-ghosted icon in the tree, while leaving never selected ones ghosted
  • Display timestamp in very right status bar panel when executing a query
  • Table editor: Add missing DATE and TIME datatypes for MS SQL
  • Table editor: Support old style "TYPE BTREE" in table index code
  • Routine editor: Finally fix ramshackle detection of routine body
  • Data grid: Make foreign values drop down optionally
  • Dialogs: Introduce "KeepAskingSetting" checkbox
  • Session manager: Move startup script and local time zone options together with SSL settings to a new "Advanced" tab
  • SQL export: Support filename and dirname patterns in export target combobox
  • Database tree: Display overlay icons for some special table engines like federated, csv, aria and performance_schema
  • Implement an automatic keep-alive ping, to prevent SSH tunnels from disconnecting
  • Add support for renaming tables in MS SQL
  • Fix crash on exit when connected to pre-4.1 servers
  • Table editor: Enhance MS SQL compatibility in table editor
  • Fix and enhance handling of multiple statements and multiple results
  • Grid export: Add "Include query" and "Include auto increment column" checkbox options
  • Processlist: Add link label "EXPLAIN Analyzer on MariaDB.org"
  • Internal: Refactor logic for reading and writing application and session settings
  • Session manager: Introduce new columns "Last connect" and "Counter"
  • Extend the variable editor to explicitly modify strings, numbers, booleans or enumerations
  • Detect client timezone and send SET time_zone to the server, so that NOW() and friends return UTC-fixed values
  • Session manager: Add server specific icons for TokuDB, InfiniDB and Infobright
  • Session handling: Use home brown file format for exporting and importing registry settings, as used for the portable version
  • Implement usage of mysql_warning_count(). Ask for running SHOW WARNINGS in a new query tab.
  • Fix command line for Wine users
  • Introduce new preference option "Prefill empty date/time fields".
  • Restore previous selection after refreshing process list (and neighbor tabs)

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