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Muutokset v0.0.5.0 Beta - v0.0.5.2 Beta

  • Fixed a crash resizing image reels introduced in
  • Temporarily removed digital signatures, these will be reinstated shortly

Muutokset v0.0.4.0 Beta - v0.0.5.0 Beta

  • Changes and new features
  • Added experimental support for localization
  • Added new fx and fy arguments to the command line client, allowing the location of frames to be specified
  • The Animation and Frame properties windows now make better use of space when enlarged
  • Help updated
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where untitled animations with modifications were not handled correctly by either the Save All Changes dialog or the Save All command
  • Dragging image files from File Explorer onto the animation document now correctly adds them to the animation rather than opening them as a new file (regression from
  • Fixed an issue where top level menus disappeared and were inaccessible if the application window was too narrow
  • Fixed an issue where some unsupported commands such as Float were incorrectly enabled if the document mode was set to MDI, causing a crash if these commands were executed
  • Fixed a problem where optimizing a frame to use the global colour palette could set the transparency colour to an invalid value, causing a crash when trying to change the transparency
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to open the same file multiple times by dragging it from File Explorer
  • Fixed an issue where the Create Global Palette dialog would display an validation error but still allow you to submit the dialog and then crash
  • If the Optimize Image dialog can't be submitted due to a validation error, it now tells you the error instead of just doing nothing when clicking OK
  • Help accessed via modal dialogs now honours the user's Help Preference for displaying online or offline help
  • Fixed an issue where the online help option didn't correctly navigate to individual topics but always displayed the index page
  • The RSS extension will no longer kill the hosting application if it crashes while deserializing feed data
  • The Export Frames, Optimize Image and Create Global Palette dialogs now attempt to map relative paths to the current animation file name, avoiding a problem where a relative path would be mapped to the application directory
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a frame had an invalid disposal method
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a frame had a location outside the available frame bounds
  • Fixed an issue where the command line tokeniser didn't correctly combine multiple arguments with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where the command line tokeniser incorrectly interpreted the /? switch as a filename
  • Application now correctly terminates if an exception dialog is displayed that offers the option to keep the application running but the user chooses to exit instead
  • Exception dialogs that are not necessarily fatal now use the correct terminology
  • Fixed an issue where a beep would play when performing some commands such as Copy or Select All despite the command executing correctly

Muutokset v0.0.3.0 - v0.0.4.0 Beta

  • Changes and new features
  • Added Repeat Last Effect command
  • Added a new option to the Optimize Image dialog that allows the global palette to be copied to the local frame palette
  • Added a new tool for selecting the transparent part of an image to complement the existing palette selection
  • Added a new tool for changing the size of an animation and automatically repositioning frames within it
  • When pasting an image from the clipboard that is larger than the current animation, a new options dialog is displayed which allows you to resize the animation, resize the image or crop the image
  • The Add Frame and Replace Frame commands now make use of the same options dialog as pasting from the clipboard if the image being loaded is larger than the animation
  • Added a new Resize Image command that allows you to resize the images within individual frames
  • Added a new Resize Animation command that allows you to resize an entire animation in a single step
  • Added tool tips to indicator icons
  • Added new rules which determine how frames are rendered in the preview window when all frames have their disposal method set to Undefined, improving animation previews
  • Added a new slider which lets you control the size of preview frames in the image reel
  • Interpolation modes are no longer used when the source image is at 100% zoom or higher
  • Status icons are now arranged horizontally along the bottom of the image reel when the image reel is set to scroll horizontally
  • Added a new option to control if transparency is show or ignored in the image reel
  • Thumbnail generation for image reel's are now performed on background threads, making for smoother scrolling while jumping around large animations
  • Greatly increased the performance and decreased memory requirements when creating post processed previews for complex animations
  • The colour and style of the transparent areas of image controls can now once again be configured (disabled since, including the ability to edit the colour schemes
  • Added the ability to view and select a frame by index from the animation editor
  • The Image document and Animation Preview window now supports the Copy command
  • Clipboard commands are now correctly enabled in windows that support edit controls
  • When using the Copy command to copy an image to the Clipboard, in addition to the opaque Bitmap format, a transparent PNG format is also copied
  • When using the Paste command to paste an image from the Clipboard, if a PNG format is present this will be used in preference over the Bitmap format
  • Added Windows 10 to application manifests
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where some commands either crashed or were executed incorrectly if they were triggered via their respective shortcut keys
  • Fixed an issue where the Cut, Paste and Delete commands would incorrectly perform the action on read-only edit fields
  • The Save command now remains enabled even when other tool windows have focus, as long as the active document is an animation
  • Fixed an issue where changing a value in a numeric up down control in the Options dialog and then pressing enter would close the dialog without accepting the changed value
  • Fixed an issue where ellipsis characters could either be displayed as expected, as a square or as a peculiar smudge
  • Moving to the start or end of an animation via the Home and End keys is now considerably faster
  • Fixed an issue where statistics were no longer being automatically saved
  • Fixed an variety of issue where the image reel either ignored the Show Final Frames setting, incorrectly placed thumbnails when the setting was enabled or didn't update thumbnails to mirror the setting
  • Fixed an issue where start-up errors were not displayed automatically
  • Importing an animation that uses a global colour palette now correctly converts the imported frames to use a local palette
  • Pasting an image from the clipboard now inserts the new frame at the current selection instead of after it
  • Effect commands are now correctly disabled if the current document isn't an animation and no longer cause a crash if the current selection is invalid
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when replacing a frame image with one that was smaller than the existing one
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the preview size of the Image Reel was calculated to be negative
  • Fixed inconsistencies in how repeat counts were handled when toggling the Looping check box in the Animation tool window
  • Fixed an issue with the GIF encoder where sometimes the NETSCAPE extension block was written when it shouldn't have been
  • Fixed a crash that occurred trying to access the Effect Builder from an empty animation or invalid frame
  • Fixed an issue where the transparent colour was incorrect after replacing the image of an existing frame
  • The Move Frame and View Original Image commands will no longer crash even if they are triggered in an invalid state
  • Fixed an issue where the using the Optimize Image dialog on an already optimized frame resulted in UI inconsistencies
  • Fixed an issue where saving a document with a new name didn't update the Recent Files list (regression from
  • Fixed an issue where some settings (for example Fixed Font) wouldn't be loaded correctly in different parts of the UI (regression from
  • Fixed an issue with numerous commands that weren't binding events correctly leading to their being enabled when they weren't in a valid state (regression from
  • Animation preview window wasn't using any custom view settings (regression from
  • Fixed an issue where font settings may not apply correctly (regression from
  • Fixed help commands not working (regression from
  • Backups are now once again taken when saving over existing files if the appropriate settings are enabled (omitted from
  • Tool tips are no longer displayed on menu items

Muutokset v0.0.2.0 - v0.0.3.0

  • Changes and new features
  • Added new extension which allows sprite sheets / texture atlases to be created from an animation, with a variety of export options
  • Added new Watermark effect. This effect allows you to blend another image in a frame with optional positioning, rotation and opacity options
  • Added new Text effect. This effect allows you to overlay text on a frame, with similar options to the above Watermark effect plus styling options.
  • Images using the WebP format are now supported
  • Added support for multiple documents
  • RSS extension rewritten, RSS data is now common for all Cyotek applications and should result in the same article not appearing as read in one product and unread in another
  • The GifInfo GUI client has been removed. The /i switch of the command line client is not affected by this change
  • When using the command line client, if a file mask is used as a parameter, for example p1_walk*.png and no matching files were found, the processing is now aborted with a message and an exit code of 4
  • Bug fixes
  • When applying an effect to multiple frames, if the effect makes use of a configuration UI, the dialog is no longer displayed once for each frame
  • Repeatedly clicking column headers in sortable lists now correctly cycles between Ascending, Descending and None, instead of only Ascending and Descending
  • Changing the window font is now correctly applied to the main window when the settings are applied, rather than requiring the application to be restarted
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to obtain the display string for an enum value
  • Fixed an issue where the RSS feed wouldn't update when the Update Now option was used, unless a daily update was already pending
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for part of the application window to be off-screen when starting for the first time on low resolutions

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