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Space Empires V v1.13 Patch

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This patch updates v1.00 and v1.08 Space Empires V to v1.13 fixing tons of bugs and gameplay issues.

Patch details:

Version History for Space Empires V

Version 1.13:
1. Fixed - Sometimes the TCP/IP Host would not send the first turn game file
to the players.
2. Fixed - Planet structure points were too high.
3. Fixed - "Propulsion Experts" racial trait was giving movement to bases.
4. Fixed - Some designs would lose racial trait effects on load of game.
5. Fixed - Text was overruning the side of the Set Construction Queue
6. Fixed - A ship constructing a vehicle cannot retreat from combat.
7. Added - Whether a vehicle can retreat from combat to the Combat Piece
8. Fixed - Repulser beams will not knock a ship past the retreat border.
9. Fixed - A ship cannot retreat into a blocked sector (such as a star).
10. Fixed - If all retreat locations are blocked, no retreat is possible.
11. Fixed - In the Construction Queues window, the On Hold and Repeat filters
were switched.
12. Fixed - "Upgrade Facilities" action on the Construction Queues window
would not work correctly
if upgrades were already present in the queue.
13. Changed - Some weapon balancing.
14. Fixed - More than one Emergency Resupply or Emergency Reordnance pod
could be put on a ship.
15. Fixed - AI was sending multiple colonizers to the same planet.
16. Fixed - AI was trying to retrofit ships that had cargo.
17. Fixed - Sometimes ships which could drop troops or capture ships would
just sit still.
18. Fixed - Crew were too strong in defense of a ship during ship capture.
19. Added - "Space Combat Crew Boarding Strength" in Settings.txt which sets
the base race combat strength.
20. Fixed - Sometimes finding ruins would cause a crash.

Version 1.12:
1. Fixed - Some components were not showing up for weapon platforms.
2. Fixed - In the Alliance Chambers window, the Alliance Relations option
would cause an error.
3. Fixed - Alliance votes were not completing.
4. Fixed - Game was not removing old Alliance log entries.
5. Fixed - Alliance messages had two headers on them.
6. Fixed - Alliance proposals wouldn't complete if no majority and all
players had voted.
7. Fixed - Game was not removing old Alliance proposals.
8. Fixed - Empires added to an Alliance were remaining as individuals on
Empire and Alliance windows.
9. Fixed - AI's were not voting in alliances.
10. Fixed - Planet's were keeping 1M population of all populations on the
11. Fixed - Floating point error when try to move population in the Transfer
Cargo window.
12. Fixed - You can't move ships in the Sector View if enemy ships are
13. Fixed - In Simultaneous games, combat should happen (in sectors with
enemies) once per sector per
turn even if no ships move (unless combat already occured in the
14. Fixed - Space combat now allows you to retreat if you move your ship past
the circle border (and
it has strategic movement points left). Retreat costs 1 strategic
movement point.
15. Fixed - Space combat no longer ends when the distance between enemies
remains the same or increases.
16. Fixed - The combat border is now displayed on the overview map.

Version 1.11:
1. Fixed - Using the setting "Warp Points located anywhere in the system",
warp points would sometimes
overlap stars or the center of a black hole.
2. Fixed - Ruins on planets were disappearing after the first turn.
3. Fixed - Sometimes ground combat would occur on a ship (the AI was loading
enemy troops on his ships).
4. Fixed - Sometimes an error would occur if a fleet with no task forces
engaged in combat.
5. Fixed - Fleets could exist with ships but no task forces.
6. Fixed - Intelligence spending should be cleared against an empire with
which you've lost contact.
7. Fixed - "Can Be Placed On Vehicle Types" in Components.txt was not
matching items correctly.
8. Fixed - "Component Type List" in Components.txt was not matching items
9. Fixed - Combat replay would create real unit groups from the combat.
10. Fixed - Units in ground combat were losing weapons even if the weapon was
11. Fixed - Units were retaining maximum movement even if their engines were
12. Fixed - In Space or Ground Combat, the selection list would not change if
the same number of items were selected.
13. Fixed - Units were showing 100% damaged in combat reports at the start of
14. Fixed - In a Simultaneous Game, the sector view ship placements were not
being maintained to the next turn.
15. Fixed - Sometimes the Movement Replay would cause an Access Violation.
16. Fixed - In a Simultaneous Game, name changes for vehicles were not being
maintained on the next turn.
17. Fixed - Loading an empire from a file in Game Setup would lose all of its
18. Fixed - Game Setup was incorrectly preventing some loaded empires because
of technology.

Version 1.10:
1. Fixed - After using the Fleet Transfer window from the Space Simulator,
all controls would be unresponsive.
2. Fixed - When selecting Set Fleets in the Space Simulator window, you are
setting fleets for the
currently selected empire in the button panel. Only vehicles and
fleets owned by that empire will
be displayed in the Fleet Transfer window.
3. Fixed - Simulated Empires were not getting their strategies from the
current player.
4. Fixed - You shouldn't be able to press buttons while a Generate Map is in
5. Fixed - The Launch/Recover Units window would sometimes crash when
recovering a unit.
6. Fixed - Sometimes units in cargo would show damage with huge values.
7. Fixed - Sometimes when a planet rebelled and formed a new empire, an
error occurred.
8. Fixed - A rebelling planet should start with the technology of its parent
9. Fixed - A ship or unit is destroyed if all non-armor components are
10. Fixed - You would get a black screen after the "Processing after all
player turns..." was complete and
the autosave was taking place.
11. Fixed - Satellites, mines, and drones were taking part in Ground Combat.

12. Fixed - AI was not laying mines and dropping satellites on warp points.
13. Fixed - AI was not designating enough "Mining" colonies.
14. Fixed - AI was not surveying unexplored systems properly.
15. Fixed - AI was proposing treaties to human players in Team Mode.
16. Fixed - AI's on the same team were not forming the best treaties

Version 1.09:
1. Fixed - Possibly fixed error international users were having when trying
to load data files.
2. Fixed - Recovering a unit in the Launch/Recover window would sometimes
cause an Access Violation.
3. Changed - Drones can now be recovered on ships. Drone Launcher component
will allow you to recover drones.
4. Fixed - Recovering a unit in the Launch/Recover window would sometimes
leave a blank line.
5. Fixed - A Fleet would sometimes lose ordnance for no apparent reason.
6. Fixed - Some player created empires under computer control were not
7. Fixed - The Fleet Report - Task Forces tab would misposition the text if
8. Fixed - The Select Package window would sometimes not let you hit OK.
9. Fixed - The Planet Report - Races tab would sometimes show population
amounts wrong for more than one race.
10. Fixed - When colonizing, if you have population in cargo, then the crew
of your ship will not become
1M population on the planet.
11. Fixed - Shard Cannon was not increasing damage with level.
12. Fixed - Sometimes ground combat would occur on a ship.
13. Fixed - Buffer Error at the end of combat.
14. Fixed - The combat progress bar would reset after 60 seconds.
15. Fixed - Organic and Crystalline Dreadnoughts cost too much per level.
16. Fixed - Large combats would sometimes cause the game to lockup.

Version 1.08:
1. Fixed - The Alliance Chambers button in the Empires window would enable
when it shouldn't.
2. Fixed - Combat would end if enemy forces were moving away but an enemy
planet was getting closer.
3. Fixed - In the Create Design window, Auto Complete would sometimes cause
a crash.
4. Fixed - Help Text would flash on screen if mouse passed over help
5. Fixed - For Simultaneous Game Processing, added mini-progress bars to the
main progress bar. Blue is
the complete turn processing, green is the movement execution,
and red is combat execution.
6. Fixed - Remote Mining was not showing in the ship's "Production (Net)"
7. Fixed - Remote Mining was causing a crash during End Turn processing.
8. Fixed - Status Icons would sometimes overlap the Ship Portrait border.
9. Fixed - Bottom panels were showing after multiplayer simultaneous game
was created.
10. Fixed - Bottom panels would show for the host after changing players
computer control.
11. Fixed - In the Empires window, the treaty name in the empire's list would
overflow the list. This has
been changed to show "None", "War", or "Yes".
12. Fixed - If you had a treaty which prevented treaties with other empires,
you could not propose changes
to the treaty or accept treaty changes with the empire you had
the treaty with.
13. Fixed - Alt-tabbing out of the Communicate window would cause a crash.
14. Fixed - The treaty name on the Communicate window could overflow the box
it was in.
15. Fixed - Added back launch rates to components. Units will now be launched
at a given rate and your
ship will launch 1 unit per launch bay at that interval. Launch
and Recover is unlimited in
a normal game turn.
16. Fixed - Some combat effects were not taking into account a modified time
17. Fixed - The SystemsNames.txt file would crash the game if it had over
16,380 names in it.

Version 1.07:
1. Fixed - Mounts would not be loaded correctly after a Select Ship Size in
the Create Design Window.
2. Fixed - The help text was in the wrong place on the Vehicle Design
3. Fixed - Mothballed ships still had crew.
4. Fixed - The Unmothball order would always fail.
5. Fixed - Speed up for loading of Components List on the Create Design
window (especially when a mount
was selected).
6. Fixed - The AI would sometimes research tech areas that it didn't have
access to.
7. Fixed - You can now click and type in an amount on the Transfer Cargo and
Transfer Units windows.
8. Fixed - Increased the indent for cargo items on the Transfer Cargo and
Transfer Units windows.
9. Added - Population now shows the number present in millions on the
Transfer Cargo window.
10. Added - Added a "Condensed View" button to the Transfer Cargo and
Transfer Units windows. When
moving units in Condensed View, all undamaged units will be moved
first. You cannot right-click
a group of condensed units to get a report.
11. Fixed - Decreased slow down of game when large number of units were
launched in combat.
12. Fixed - Fighters will no longer form a cloud and a pole when launched in
13. Fixed - Unit textures in combat would be lost when the game was
14. Fixed - You would sometimes get a lockup when large numbers of units were
destroyed in combat.
15. Fixed - You would sometimes get an Access Violation when you closed
16. Fixed - Some speedups for combat.
17. Added - Added "Space Combat Ends Only When Time Up Or No Enemies" field
to Settings.txt to allow modders
to prevent combat from ending when enemies are moving away from
each other.
18. Fixed - Ability "Planet Population Happiness" was working backwards.
19. Fixed - Cleanup and fixups for happiness.
20. Fixed - Removed launch and recover rates.
21. Changed - Decreased the size increase per level for Fighter Bays and Mine
22. Fixed - Unit space combat speed was using ground movement.
23. Fixed - Moving units from the Storehouse was not quite working correctly.

24. Fixed - Canceling an "Add Strategy" on the Empire Options window would
lockup the window.
25. Fixed - Fleets were regaining supply and ordnance after each turn with no
Resupply Depot present.
26. Fixed - Atmosphere Conversion was working in turns not years.
27. Changed - Decreased Shield Regenerator amount.
28. Fixed - "Component - Regeneration" ability was not working.
29. Fixed - "Shield Generation From Damage" ability was not working.
30. Fixed - "Component - Damage Resistance" ability was not working.
31. Fixed - Point - Defense should no longer be effected by time rate.
32. Fixed - "Combat Movement" ability was not working.
33. Fixed - Solar Generators were not working.
34. Fixed - Loss of crew was not decreasing ship's abilities.
35. Fixed - Toxic Injector was not killing crew.
36. Fixed - Results of Ship states:
No Supply - 1 movement point. Cannot cloak.
Critical Failure - Half normal movement points. Cannot resupply
or reordnance others.
Half attack and defense modifier. Cannot
Mothballed - 0 movement points. Cannot resupply or
reordnance others. Cannot cloak.
0 Supplies and Ordnance. 0 Crew. 0 Shields.
0 attack and defense modifier.
No spaceyard capabilities.
Cloaked - Cannot resupply or reordnance others. No
spaceyard capabilities.

Critical Failure = Loss of your bridge, all life support, all
crew quarters, or all your crew
(a Master Computer when present, replaces the previous criteria).

37. Fixed - "Use Component" order was not enabling.
38. Fixed - In a Simultaneous Games, Sector View position changes were not
being kept.
39. Fixed - Not having the combat grid on in space combat would cause the map
to not expand automatically.
40. Fixed - Enter and Exit warp points sounds were switched in the game.
41. Fixed - The option button for resources on the Select Package window was
not working.
42. Fixed - Clicking the Plus or Minus button in a selection list would often
fire the doubleclick.
43. Fixed - Date text on received messages was overflowing the list on the
Empires and Communicate windows.
44. Fixed - "Allow Intelligence" setting in Game Setup was not working.
45. Fixed - "Allow Tech Gifts" setting in Game Setup was not working.
46. Fixed - Game Setup window should not mention tributes which don't exist.

47. Fixed - You could get vehicles with no movement to move when selected
with a group with a mover included.
48. Fixed - The Ship List was selecting all items on a refresh instead of
maintaining old selections.
49. Fixed - Planet's with zero population will still be owned by their
original owner in combat until all
population, units, and facilities are destroyed.

Version 1.06:
1. Fixed - Clicking and holding the thumb button Component Report would cut
out if the mouse left the scroll bar.
2. Fixed - Text wrapping was cutting words in the middle.
3. Fixed - Some fields on the Component Report were overflowing their boxes.

4. Fixed - "Weapon Explosion Effect Name" field in Components.txt should be
working now. You can specify either a
random "Specific Type" or an "Effect Name".
5. Fixed - Multiline Edit boxes were not word wrapping correctly.
6. Fixed - Sometimes the text in the last column of a big list would overlap
the scroll bar.
7. Fixed - Carriage returns weren't displaying correctly in Multiline Edit
8. Fixed - More characters are usable in the Edit boxes and Multiline Edit
9. Fixed - Added a maximum length to the amount edit box so that it cannot
be overflowed.
10. Fixed - The number pad was not working for typing in numbers.
11. Fixed - End of Turn reminder will not specify research if you have
attained all tech levels.
12. Fixed - Small size log pictures were not drawn correctly.
13. Fixed - Condensed the small picture and no picture log reports.
14. Changed - "Salvage Value" to "Orders" on the Ship Report and Unit Group
15. Fixed - Construction Queues were not building multiple items in separate
16. Fixed - Multiple constructions of items condensed into single log item
17. Fixed - Moved log buttons "View" and "Reply" to the same line.
18. Fixed - You can't remove the last 1M population from a planet.
19. Fixed - Seekers were not taking into account firing point (mainly for
planets) to determine if weapon should
be fired (if target would move out of range during travel time).
20. Fixed - Weapon mount range bonuses were not being applied.
21. Fixed - Random empires would sometimes have the same flag as a created
22. Fixed - Point Modifiers were not being applied properly to planet point
23. Fixed - Ships given the "Colonize" order would move 1 sector even if they
had no movement remaining.
24. Fixed - Repeat Build was allowing amounts to decrease to zero.
25. Fixed - Empire Options for "Show Grid Lines" and "Show Warp Lines" were
not working.
26. Added - Added fields to Settings.txt for setting quadrant map colors.
27. Fixed - Population amount modifier to construction queues was not being
shown in the Abilities list.
28. Fixed - Hardy Industrialists bonus was being applied twice to planetary
space yards.
29. Fixed - "Role", "Fleet Experience", and "Strategy" were not showing help
on the Ship Report window.
30. Fixed - "Strategy" field was not showing help on the Planet Report
31. Fixed - In the Cargo Transfer Window, you can now move multiple items of
the same type from the Storehouse.
32. Added - The Vehicle Design report now shows the component the mouse is
33. Added - The Create Design window now shows the component the mouse is
34. Added - "Attack", "Defense", "Turn Rate", and "Acceleration" fields to
the Vehicle Design Report.
35. Added - "Attack", "Defense", "Turn Rate", and "Acceleration" fields to
the Create Design window.
36. Fixed - Attack and Defense modifiers from vehicle sizes were not being
37. Fixed - Music would stop when you loaded a game.
38. Fixed - Damage Types file now supports decimal percentages.
39. Fixed - Cargo mouse over display was not working for the Combat Piece
40. Added - Empire options under "Display" to select whether to see a
Component's Section, Level, Damage, and Mount
on all component grids.

Version 1.05:
1. Fixed - The resources amounts on the Select Package window would not
2. Fixed - On the Set Construction Queue window, the "In Existence" was
always zero for facilities.
3. Changed - On the Set Construction Queue window, the "In Existence" field
will now include
all versions of this object regardless of level.
4. Added - "Lock System View" button at the top of the Orders panel.
5. Note - To use Automatic Moveto for Construction Queues, you need to
define a waypoint where you
want the ships to moveto. Then in the Set Construction Queue
window, select Queue Settings
and scroll the list to the bottom where you can choose that
waypoint as a Moveto location.
6. Fixed - Changed Planet Temperature formula so its not quite so cold.
7. Changed - You can no longer change your intelligence defense spending. It
is automatically set to the
remainder after your attack spending is deducted from 100%.
8. Added - Scrollbar to the Weapon Report so that damage at range can be
scrolled through a distance of 300.
9. Added - "Override InvConfiguration Slots" to the Mod_Definition.txt file.
If this field is set TRUE, then
all Inventory Configurations will be read from the file
"Override_InvConfiguration_Slots.txt" in the
mod directory (the flag [%EmpireName%] from VehicleSizes.txt will
be set to "" and the name will be
10. Fixed - Revised Help Text from Chris Traber.
11. Fixed - Size for Small Supply Storage and Small Ordnance Storage reduced
to 2.
12. Fixed - Select Colony Type window was not responding to the Return key
and not selecting an item on double-click.
13. Fixed - Sometimes in Sector View, you could move planets.
14. Fixed - Sometimes ending the Sector View would show the Simulator window.

15. Fixed - Log window should jump to the top most message at the beginning
of a turn.
16. Fixed - In a Combat Replay, the targeting icon should not show over enemy
17. Fixed - In a Combat Replay, you should not be able to right-click to give
18. Fixed - In combat, you shouldn't be able to see movement destinations and
weapon targets for computer controlled ships.
19. Fixed - Construction Queues were absorbing their full resource rate
regardless of the cost of the items being built.
20. Fixed - Units were not showing any supplies or ordnance in combat
21. Fixed - Game was changing Speaker Configuration to Stereo.
22. Fixed - If a minister style wasn't selected when creating a new empire,
no default strategies would be loaded.
23. Fixed - Victory Conditions and Racial Traits were using the wrong style
of option box.
24. Fixed - Lists with option buttons or check buttons will allow you to
select the text to toggle the option.
25. Fixed - Some Lists with options buttons or check buttons were
highlighting the row you clicked on.

Version 1.04:
1. Fixed - In SystemTypes.txt, the "Ring" position would not register rings
10 or above.
2. Fixed - Closing the Political Message Report would cause a crash.
3. Fixed - Sometimes damage to a planet would cause a crash.
4. Fixed - A planet's condition of "Plague" should show in red.
5. Fixed - A planetary plague was not showing in the Planet Report
"Planetary Damage".
6. Fixed - Weapon Damage Type in the Components.txt file is now a formula.
7. Fixed - The Plague Bomb was only doing Plague Level 1 damage.
8. Fixed - Fleets were using more movement than they should.
9. Fixed - Fleets were getting one movement even if they had zero movement.
10. Fixed - Fleet were using more supply than they should.
11. Added - Popup Help Text Delay to game options. The default is 0.5
12. Fixed - In the Create Design window, available mounts would not be
reloaded when the Vehicle
size was changed.
13. Fixed - You could exceed the maximum tech level in research if enough
points were spent.
14. Fixed - In Player Setup - Technology, you would retain tech levels even
if you removed the prerequisites.
15. Fixed - In Player Setup - Technology, you could click disabled buttons to
change tech.
16. Fixed - Occasional Access Violation when shutting down the game.
17. Fixed - Combat Replays were not always playing. To get rid of bad combat
replays, all combat replays from
games earlier than 1.04 will be deleted (on game load).
18. Fixed - The Set Construction Queue window was not showing the Usage Rate
based on Emergency Build.
19. Fixed - Return now works for OK on the Login window.
20. Fixed - Vehicle Designs and Vehicle Sizes were not showing maintenance
21. Fixed - In Player Setup, picture lists were showing large gray bands.
22. Fixed - Lists were enabling their buttons incorrectly.
23. Fixed - In Create Design, if you pressed Create, then Escape, the wrong
window would dissappear.

Version 1.03:
1. Fixed - Accepting an alliance would cause the game to lockup.
2. Fixed - Empire Icon spacing for an Alliance report on the Empires window
was off.
3. Fixed - Alliances were not showing moods on the Empires window.
4. Fixed - Alliance Report was displaying blank.
5. Fixed - In the Alliance Chambers window, the text for proposals was
6. Fixed - Alliances were not getting or generating First Contact messages.
7. Fixed - Communicate window had text offset for Alliances.
8. Fixed - When viewing a message, the interior of the report would not move
with the window.
9. Fixed - Revised Help Text from Chris Traber.
10. Fixed - "Upgrade Facilities" was replacing facilities in the construction
queue with facility upgrades.
11. Fixed - In the Create Design window, if you were holding a component and
used Shift to delete a
component, the design stats would not get updated.
12. Fixed - Some of the big list windows were still changing highlights under
a popup window.
13. Fixed - Some of the reorder items in the Empire Options window were not
performing Move to Top and
Move to Bottom correctly.
14. Fixed - Units viewed in Sector View would not "give back" their supplies
and ordnance to their Unit Group.
15. Added - Component highlight information on the Ship Report for Components
and Cargo.
16. Fixed - Help Text on the Units Group Report was backwards for Orders and
17. Added - Component highlight information on the Unit Group Report for
18. Added - Component highlight information on the Planet Report for Cargo.

Version 1.02:
1. Fixed - Items in a construction queue would not be constructed if the
empire could not
provide the full resource usage of the queue.
2. Fixed - The Empire Options window would allow lists under windows to be
3. Fixed - The Log would show multiple tech level gains in the same area
with the current
tech level.
4. Fixed - Alt-Tab would cause order buttons to blank out.
5. Fixed - Moving through an enemy minefield would cause an error.
6. Fixed - Cultural Achievements and Intelligence Achievements were not
working correctly.
7. Fixed - On the Intelligence window, Estimated Intel Expenditures were not

Version 1.01:
1. Fixed - The recalculation of Warp Transit Order would sometimes cause an
Access Violation.
2. Fixed - Clicking on "Racial Traits" in the Empire Setup window would
cause an Invalid Index error.
3. Fixed - In the Empire Setup window, random selection would allow you to
get a Gas Giant
with a None Atmosphere. There is also an added warning message as
a fail safe.
4. Changed - Selecting a "Gas Giant" atmosphere type will no longer restrict
the Planet Types.
5. Fixed - In combat, once you entered into an order mode such as "Fire
Specific On Target"
but had no valid targets, then there was no way out of the mode.
Also, when in an order
mode, the select region box should not display.
6. Fixed - After turning Autotargeting off, using "Fire Specific On Target"
would set the vehicle
to have autotargeting for all untargeted weapons.
7. Fixed - In Simultaneous Games, duplicate designs were showing up.
8. Fixed - AI Setup was not researching correctly.
9. Changed - Increased the tech points for the 3 starting tech levels.
10. Fixed - Message boxes were not responding to the Return key as clicking
the OK button.
11. Fixed - The mousewheel would not work if the mouse was over the thumb or
arrow buttons.
12. Fixed - In windowed mode, the mouse coordinates for the mousewheel were
off by the size of the
window border.
13. Added - End of Turn confirmation information.
14. Added - On the System window, you can hold Ctrl and right-click to
perform a Move order (or
an Attack order if the sector you click on has a visible enemy
15. Fixed - Blue line under large green planet.
16. Fixed - Space & Ground Combat hotkeys were misassigned.
17. Fixed - Sound clips on full screen windows were not being played (until
the window was closed).
18. Fixed - The Load/Save window was not supporting double clicks.

Version 1.00:
1. Note - Release Version

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