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Muutokset 2.2.4 - v2.3.1

  • Support for VBR encoded MP3 files with VBRI headers (previously only Xing VBR headers were supported)
  • Support for Unicode (UTF-16) encoded data in ID3v2 tags (as written by e.g. WinAmp) Windows Vista compatibility/compliance:
  • changed default location of user data (database, backup) to: \My Documents\MP3 Collector\
  • User Templates can now be (optionally) placed in a user configurable location (Tools / Options), which defaults to \My Documents\MP3 Collector\Templates\
  • System" Templates (the ones included with the program) are still in /MP3 Collector/Templates/
  • Fixed: program hangs when closing on some Vista systems Editing Lists:
  • new right-click menu with Add/Edit/Remove/Merge/Generate commands
  • simplified Merge system: just multi-select items and choose Merge Selected or Merge Selected To
  • "Generate" functions can now be performed in batch on selected items in list (use Generate commands in right-click menu)
  • new "Auto Re-sort" checkbox on toolbar for enabling/disabling automatic resorting
  • Last Name column is now actually called "Last Name" (previously it was called "Name")
  • Next/Previous buttons in all Edit Item screens (e.g. Edit Artist, Edit Genre, etc..)
  • Automatic update option in Check For Update screen, which downloads and installs the latest version automatically
  • Sorting on text fields now takes numbers into account (e.g. 'title 10' sorts after 'title 2' instead of before)
  • for some types of VBR encoded MP3 files the wrong bitrate and duration were reported
  • rare problems when tagging files that are in use
  • Check for update period was not taken into account
  • Sorting of listfields now works similar to sorting of string fields.
  • Printing and Export to HTML: Text fields now show HTML tags correctly in list reports (e.g. the tag is shown as bold text)
  • Quick Search did not work after having done a Filter earlier using the "EXCEPT" option
  • Program icon now looks much better
  • pressing Alt-F4 opened the Edit Tag screen, while it should close the program

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